Monthly Archives: April 2015

Work in Progress: A Crow Looking Down on his Hoard

Crows are interesting creatures.  They’re very intelligent, but also easily distracted.  That sounds like some of my favorite people.  Crows have been known to gather up whatever pretty objects catch their eye, building sometimes impressive collections. They are like everyday dragons in our own back yards, stealing our treasures and building up hoards.

IMG_0173 (1)


Trying Toned Gray Paper

I tried drawing on toned gray paper for the first time.


The paper is a small 5.5×8.5 inch Strathmore pad. It was wonderful, thick paper and the marker did not bleed through. I like this paper a lot. Conclusion: the paper is great. My drawing skills need work!


Copic markers, brown 01 Sakura micron pen, white Sakura jelly roll pen.