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Jewelry in the Sketchbook

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I’ve been drawing some of my jewelry in my sketchbook lately. The one up above is a necklace I wear all the time, at least once a week. It was fun to color because it has both opaque and translucent gemstones.

I wear the second necklace less often, but often enough to keep it in my frequently-worn box. I thought it would be interesting to color because of the purplish sheen it gives off when light hits it. Plus, this one has a gold-tone chain, so I had a chance to color both gold-tone and silver-tone.


Both were drawn with pencil, traced with multiliner, pencil erased, then colored with Copic marker.

I’m happier with the first than the second.

I hope to fit a couple more pieces of jewelry on this page!


“Time Flies” Now Available for Purchase

Time Flies - whimsical art in colored pencil and ink

Time Flies – whimsical art in colored pencil and ink

This one means a lot to me personally. Young women fall through time, becoming old by the time they reach bottom. But hourglasses can be flipped…

I think this would be great for a journal cover or a whimsical take on the “over the hill” birthday card. Great for wall art as well.

Also available on bags, phone cases, laptop skins and more in my RedBubble shop.



Passionate Earth Mandala Now Available

Passionate Earth Mandala Art

Passionate Earth Mandala Art

I’m excited to announce that my Passionate Earth Mandala is now available for purchase in my RedBubble shop.

It’s available as a single mandala on some products such as prints, throw pillows, and men’s graphic tees, and as a pattern on other products such as phone cases and hardcover journals.

I just love how the pattern turned out for this one.

Passionate Earth Mandala Pattern

Passionate Earth Mandala Pattern

Here are just a few of the products on which this design is now available. I find this mandala very primal and romantic. Some of these products would make great Valentine’s day gifts or cards.



Passionate Earth Mandala

Passionate Earth Mandala by Madam Doodle/Lynde VonHatten in marker and ink

Passionate Earth Mandala by Madam Doodle/Lynde VonHatten in marker and ink

There’s something primal about this one. A new mandala in the colors of soil and love.

Passionate Earth Mandala by Madam Doodle/Lynde VonHatten in marker and ink

Passionate Earth Mandala by Madam Doodle/Lynde VonHatten in marker and ink

The mandala was laid out in black pigma micron pen over lightly-drawn pencil guidelines.  If you’re interested in trying this, I’ve posted free step-by-step instructions showing one way to draw symmetrical mandalas.

Passionate Earth Mandala work in progress

Passionate Earth Mandala work in progress

After it was laid out I erased the guidelines and started coloring with Copic markers.

Passionate Earth Mandala work in progress

Passionate Earth Mandala work in progress

Finally, I touched it up and added details with black Sharpies and a white Sakura gelly roll pen. Why start with micron pens but finish with Sharpie? Because micron pens can be colored over with alcohol markers without bleeding. Sharpies are cheaper but are also alcohol based, so they can’t be added until the other alcohol markers have dried. I use them when I can, but only when I’m through with the other alcohol markers.

Passionate Earth Mandala by Madam Doodle/Lynde VonHatten in marker and ink

Passionate Earth Mandala by Madam Doodle/Lynde VonHatten in marker and ink


New Notebooks

Not all who wander are lost notebook, available in Madam Doodle's Red Bubble Shop

Not all who wander are lost notebook, available in Madam Doodle’s Red Bubble Shop

My husband is about to start a new semester in college and I like to buy pretty things, so we both had good reasons to order spiral notebooks from my own RedBubble shop. I am so glad we did! Seeing my designs on these notebooks is like seeing my babies all grown up. I was glad to see that the covers are so crisply printed, to show off even the fine line details of the drawings.

Pear Squares notebook, available in Madam Doodle's RedBubble shop

Pear Squares notebook, available in Madam Doodle’s RedBubble shop

These are 5-inch by 8-inch spiral notebooks, the “half size” ones that are good for journaling, note taking, and to-do lists. They come with two pockets at the end, and the lines are a soothing gray color. These and many other designs are available as notebooks and other products like phone cases, posters, and note cards in my RedBubble shop.


How to Draw a Symmetrical Mandala

Drawing mandalas is relaxing and therapeutic, and the finished product can be extremely beautiful. From colorful to black-and-white, from simple to extraordinarily elaborate, there is infinite room for variety in this soothing art form. Sometimes it’s fun to simply doodle mandalas freehand, but when you’d like to be sure that your work is symmetrical there is an easy technique to help you do so.

This may look like a lot of steps, but once you get started you will find it almost intuitive.  Personally, I find drawing the guidelines themselves to be very relaxing.

You will need:

  • A compass that locks into position
  • A ruler
  • A pencil for drawing guidelines. If you have a hard drawing pencil, better yet.
  • A good pencil eraser.
  • A pen or marker for drawing the mandala. You might like black sharpies, black multiliner pens, or other bold inks with good staying power.
  • Something for coloring your mandala, if desired.

IMPORTANT: Draw all of the pencil lines as lightly as possible as they will all be erased later.  If you have a hard drawing pencil rather than a regular #2, it will make the erasing even easier.

1. Mark a point near the center of your paper.  This will be the center point of your mandala.  Use your compass to draw a circle about 1/3 the width of your paper.


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whimsical colored pencil art

Mortality by Lynde VonHatten – Ink and Colored Pencil – 2016

My Mortality drawing is complete and ready to scan.

The young grow old as they fall through time. What happens when you flip the hourglass?

Watch here or on my social media accounts for updates about when Mortality products will be available for purchase.



Tea and Dominoes

Tea and Dominoes by Lynde VonHatten / Madam Doodle

Tea and Dominoes by Lynde VonHatten / Madam Doodle

I had a chance yesterday to try out some Derwent Inktense pencils and I have to say I am blown away.  I used these mostly on a brush and found them to be extremely soluble, vivid, and simply a joy to use.  Just a touch of the wet brush to the pencil tip was enough to cover it with rich, vibrant color.  In fact, the color was so strong that in order to produce the lighter colors in this picture I had to dilute the pigment further by dipping the loaded brush in water again.  I just loved these and plan to play with them again soon.

The dots on the dominoes show how dark the color can go by applying the pencil directly to a wet surface or by dipping the pencil tip in water and applying directly.  The dominoes were colored with a marker, the rest of the color is from the Inktense pencils.

As for the subject matter?  Some of my favorite times this winter break involved tea and Dominoes with my family.  The tea was even more enjoyable than usual because we all had nasty colds, and if you drink tea you know how a hot cup of tea looks like a little hero coming to save your day when you’re sick.  There are some pretty good memories from the end of 2015 in this picture!