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Jewelry in the Sketchbook

FullSizeRender (1)

I’ve been drawing some of my jewelry in my sketchbook lately. The one up above is a necklace I wear all the time, at least once a week. It was fun to color because it has both opaque and translucent gemstones.

I wear the second necklace less often, but often enough to keep it in my frequently-worn box. I thought it would be interesting to color because of the purplish sheen it gives off when light hits it. Plus, this one has a gold-tone chain, so I had a chance to color both gold-tone and silver-tone.


Both were drawn with pencil, traced with multiliner, pencil erased, then colored with Copic marker.

I’m happier with the first than the second.

I hope to fit a couple more pieces of jewelry on this page!


How to Draw a Symmetrical Mandala

Drawing mandalas is relaxing and therapeutic, and the finished product can be extremely beautiful. From colorful to black-and-white, from simple to extraordinarily elaborate, there is infinite room for variety in this soothing art form. Sometimes it’s fun to simply doodle mandalas freehand, but when you’d like to be sure that your work is symmetrical there is an easy technique to help you do so.

This may look like a lot of steps, but once you get started you will find it almost intuitive.  Personally, I find drawing the guidelines themselves to be very relaxing.

You will need:

  • A compass that locks into position
  • A ruler
  • A pencil for drawing guidelines. If you have a hard drawing pencil, better yet.
  • A good pencil eraser.
  • A pen or marker for drawing the mandala. You might like black sharpies, black multiliner pens, or other bold inks with good staying power.
  • Something for coloring your mandala, if desired.

IMPORTANT: Draw all of the pencil lines as lightly as possible as they will all be erased later.  If you have a hard drawing pencil rather than a regular #2, it will make the erasing even easier.

1. Mark a point near the center of your paper.  This will be the center point of your mandala.  Use your compass to draw a circle about 1/3 the width of your paper.


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whimsical colored pencil art

Mortality by Lynde VonHatten – Ink and Colored Pencil – 2016

My Mortality drawing is complete and ready to scan.

The young grow old as they fall through time. What happens when you flip the hourglass?

Watch here or on my social media accounts for updates about when Mortality products will be available for purchase.



Working at Night

Doing art at night under an Ottlite

Doing art at night under an Ottlite

I’ve been working on coloring my Mortality drawing today. I decided to go with colored pencil, mainly because there are a lot of tiny spaces to color in this piece.  I like the results so far, and can’t wait to see this finished.  I think of it as a cute expression of a kind of serious subject, but I think it would make a good “getting older” type birthday card, too.

I worked bit by bit throughout the day in between all the other things I was doing, and when it got dark I didn’t have to stop thanks to my Ottlite. I just have a cheap folding desktop model and it has made it possible for me to keep working after dark on many occasions. Well worth it in my opinion!  Highly recommended if you do color-sensitive work and don’t want to be limited to working in daylight hours.  (No one paid me to say that, pinkie swear.)

This will take some time…there are forty-nine little ladies, each needing some undivided attention when her time comes.  I post my progress here or on the social media sites listed in the sidebar.



Something Fun – A Stargate Bubble Wand

stargate fan art bubbles

Stargates are used for lots of important business. Don’t they deserve to have a little fun sometimes? I enjoyed drawing this, and look forward to the challenge of coloring the bubbles. It has also gotten me thinking about the idea of Stargates as playthings. I’m thinking of Stargate yo-yos, hula hoops, basketball rims. This may be the beginning of a series. Or not! We’ll see.

Also, eeeeeeeeeeee-yes! The markers are finally here. Now I can finish up the Crow’s Hoard drawing and the Lollipop Forest drawing. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t – why am I still typing?



Trying Toned Gray Paper

I tried drawing on toned gray paper for the first time.


The paper is a small 5.5×8.5 inch Strathmore pad. It was wonderful, thick paper and the marker did not bleed through. I like this paper a lot. Conclusion: the paper is great. My drawing skills need work!


Copic markers, brown 01 Sakura micron pen, white Sakura jelly roll pen.