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How Chinese Food is Delivered in Oz

Wizard of Oz Fan Art

How Chinese food is delivered in Oz – Wizard of Oz fan art

This is the result of an amusing thought that crossed my mind.  It was a tossup between Chinese food delivery and OZPS (parcel delivery), but Chinese food containers are a lot more interesting to look at than brown shipping cartons, so I went with the Chinese food.

This was a bit of a quickie, because I knew going in that I didn’t have enough ink to do color it completely smoothly.  But it was a fun idea that I wanted to get on paper right away.  I did not have all of the colors I needed to do this entirely in Copics, but I did have some Blick studio markers in colors pretty close to what I wanted, so I used some of each type in this picture.  That makes this as good a time as any to compare the two.

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Something Fun – A Stargate Bubble Wand

stargate fan art bubbles

Stargates are used for lots of important business. Don’t they deserve to have a little fun sometimes? I enjoyed drawing this, and look forward to the challenge of coloring the bubbles. It has also gotten me thinking about the idea of Stargates as playthings. I’m thinking of Stargate yo-yos, hula hoops, basketball rims. This may be the beginning of a series. Or not! We’ll see.

Also, eeeeeeeeeeee-yes! The markers are finally here. Now I can finish up the Crow’s Hoard drawing and the Lollipop Forest drawing. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t – why am I still typing?