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Tea and Dominoes

Tea and Dominoes by Lynde VonHatten / Madam Doodle

Tea and Dominoes by Lynde VonHatten / Madam Doodle

I had a chance yesterday to try out some Derwent Inktense pencils and I have to say I am blown away.  I used these mostly on a brush and found them to be extremely soluble, vivid, and simply a joy to use.  Just a touch of the wet brush to the pencil tip was enough to cover it with rich, vibrant color.  In fact, the color was so strong that in order to produce the lighter colors in this picture I had to dilute the pigment further by dipping the loaded brush in water again.  I just loved these and plan to play with them again soon.

The dots on the dominoes show how dark the color can go by applying the pencil directly to a wet surface or by dipping the pencil tip in water and applying directly.  The dominoes were colored with a marker, the rest of the color is from the Inktense pencils.

As for the subject matter?  Some of my favorite times this winter break involved tea and Dominoes with my family.  The tea was even more enjoyable than usual because we all had nasty colds, and if you drink tea you know how a hot cup of tea looks like a little hero coming to save your day when you’re sick.  There are some pretty good memories from the end of 2015 in this picture!